bronze sculpture by Northwest artist Georgia Gerber

The Mercer Island Library has been the fortunate recipient of a number of pieces of stunning art.  
"Between Two Worlds," a bronze sculpture by Northwest artist Georgia Gerber, features a six-foot rabbit with a ten-year-old boy leaning against it, reading. The piece welcomes patrons outside the library entrance, and children love to visit it.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Protty and I am a dwarf rabbit who lives in the country near Vicenza (Veneto). Knowing that Internet is very influential, I was sure that Barbara and Roberto would introduce me to all of you rabbits’ friends. I have prepared a photograph collection of my family. From there you can enter my guestbook, forum, gadgets, chat, and my many other pictures. The pages that show photographic galleries are in Italian but below you can find a link to every single page (all new windows! Shut down to go back to this page).

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Ballo Anglese And now some news about The Protties. My faithful and loving wife is Susina, who periodically brings forth brisk and irresistible little rabbits. During the summer, we usually run all around our "Prottario" in the open air, we get wet in the rain, nibble on grass, and rest at home. In a word, we have fun! When it begins to get cold we have to return home. I'll be honest - in the wintertime rabbits get very lazy, then in our wooden homes we feel particularly comfortable having our long and sweet naps.
By the way, I am just going to rest with my sweet heart...


The time has come when we describe every single stage of our important travel with The Protties:


"First gallery "

The best of Protty 


My home 
My family 
My wife 

Miniprotties II 


MY PROTTY - COMMUNITY  (interactive services)

PROTTY INFORMAZIONE  [News portal, with translation]


My rabbit friends (send me your photos: everyone will have his own page).
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page 2  


My summer homes 

Write to Protty 

Gadgets  (rabbit software download)

GUESTBOOK  (don't go away without leaving your footprints!)

Forum  (warranted translation for Italian people)

CHAT  (on Tuesday, 22.00)

Protty's chatters meetings 

Teletubbies  (your enthusiasm about rabbits is tested out: here we begin our magic trip into The Protties' night, where dreams should never stop; click anywhere on this page to enter and most importantly have fun!)

Arturo and Dentina  (giant rabbits)
Carotin  (cohabiting with rabbits is possible)

Prottidi's realm  (map)

Play with Protty and Susina  

Along the Oryctolagus cuniculus 

Send a postcard 


POTTREE Bonsai  (Background music: "Goldberg Variations" by J. S. Bach)

POTTERY  Ceramics  (hand-made vases - 980°C of temperature)


Banner exchange  (Banners are available to link Protty to your sites)

Do you feel nostalgic for Christmas? Arturo is still in the snow! 

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